NPC: Trista the Shadowed

old court wizard serving the Dukes of Daggerford


A metal ball is thrown in, bounces on the floor a couple of times, and rolls over to where Arvik is standing. It expands into writhing metal tentacles of its own, which reach out and grab the wizard, disrupting his spell. An old woman is standing at the door now, looking older than any human Az has ever seen. She draws something in the air, and a flash of black-brown energy flashes forth and completely immobilizes the newly-caged wizard.

The old woman has to be Trista the Shadowed, a court wizard who has served the Dukes of Daggerford for decades. … the older woman dispells the floor tentacles.

“Who’s the drow?” Trista asks as the guards rush in to help.

“Suspicion (cough) of theft,” one of the guards manages to say. “No evidence. We were about to let him go.”

Trista looks at Az again, her eyes seeming to bore through his, then she turns her attention back to what she was doing. “Then he doesn’t need to be here.”


NPC: Trista the Shadowed

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