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GoDC: A Blast at the Jail, then a Morning Hangover
How the Group Meets Up

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Like Moths to a Flame

Az/Kai/Aliana/Trau/Urvant/Fengshui : Reunited in the Rain

With the rain pouring down, many of the town folks gathered outside the damaged jail to gawk at this spectacle.

Az managed to survive the blast and got escorted out with his equipment.

Meanwhile, Trista the Shadowed, a court wizard, along with Lady Morwen, the older sister to Duke Maldwyn, and their entourage of militia and servants recaptured the tattooed man, Arvik.

Once outside, Az noticed familiar faces in the crowd, but ignored them. Instead he moved along the building and sought out his barrel next to the jail that contained his stash.

The rest of the group gathered with the crowd watching the excitement. They noticed Az sneaking off to the side of the jail, away from the assembly in front.

Well now, what’s Az doing, ignoring us and all?

Aliana certainly wasn’t going to have any of that, especially having secured the drow’s stolen goods. The others certainly weren’t going to miss out on the only witness to the jail blast. Come to find out, everyone seems to know everyone else by reputation or adventuring.

Aliana wanted to go orc hunting and invited the group back to the Silver Food for planning.

Everyone game?

After short introductions, the group splits up for a little prayer, a little drink, a little peek, and a little sneak. What the heck, they all meet up in the morning for a lovely gruesome hanging on a nice stormy morning. The Red Wizard manages to show-off with his squirming tattoos that seem alive, at least until a final lightning flash and thunder marks his demise.

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Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle
The Adventure Begins: Introductions and Descriptions

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Everyone Loves a Party in Daggerford

Every year around midsummer, the population of Daggerford swells as people come from up and down the Sword Coast to partake in the town’s annual festival of games. While merchants hawk their wares along crowded boulevards, crowds gather to witness all manner of contests, from archery and tug-o’-wars to wrestling and pie eating.

But alas, ill weather has dampened this year’s festivities. Torrential rain falls from thick black clouds as wild coastal winds howl through the darkened streets. Guests pack the local inns and taverns, hoping for some reprieve while keeping their spirits high with drinking games and music, but the storm has been relentless, and there’s no end in sight.

Not surprisingly, the storm has given rise to lots of gossip about recent events in town, namely the capture of a tattooed man believed to be a Red Wizard of Thay. What would a Red Wizard be doing so far from home, you ask? Well, according to the local gossip mongers, he was magically disguised and working for Lord Floshin as a gardener, of all things! That’s right, the same Lord Floshin whose estate was attacked and looted by orcs and half-orcs a fortnight ago. They say the Red Wizard was behind it, and that’s why he’s doomed to hang after the festival. It’s a good thing Lord Floshin wasn’t home during the attack. He could’ve been captured and taken away by the orcs. That’s what happened to his servants, gods protect them! One can only imagine their horrible fate.

Kai-Draeger/Aliana/Trau : Who’s following whom?

Kai-Draeger was walking in town, spotted Aliana, thought she must be up to something nefarious, which she might be, and moved towards her.

Aliana secured suspicious property that belonged to AZ, a drow, without his permission.

Trau spotted Kai-Draeger, took a respite from his story-telling friend at his brewery, and joined Kai-Draeger to meet up with Aliana.

All three walked back to the Silver Flood tavern where Aliana has a room.

Discussions at their table included job opportunities, orc hunting, tattooed man hanging, and other local gossip. Aliana even introduced Trau to Utterdark wine.

What will bond?

Well … a song and a prayer later, two of them depart, leaving the dwarf to his drinks. Then boom baby, they’re blasted back together.

Az : Black cat in the coal cellar at midnight

Az found himself in jail, after stashing his stolen loot, only to meet the strange tattooed man that the town’s folks believed to be a Red Wizard responsible for orcs attacking the local lord, thus planned to hang the wiz the next day. Fortunately the distracted guards left Az with his pick & lock tools.

One quick attempt at his cell lock and it pops opens.

Will he also release the tattooed man?

Of course he does, but it all ends in a big bang!

Urvant/Fengshui : The Printed Word

Urvant visited the Mellow Leaf, a smoke shop, for trade and news.

Fengshui accompanied the druid, having bartered to serve as his guard in exchange for learning more about these “civilized” folks. The monk is unnerved about the crowds, noise and stink of the “civilized” masses.

Both decide to get something to eat before leaving to investigate the lord’s manor. Having their fill of tasty spicy foods, they head off to the site of the orcs’ attack, only to be hindered by the next storm. Navigating through the tempest will take a full day on horse-back to reach to location.

Change of plans?

Of course, they wouldn’t miss the sudden fireworks in town!

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