Az : Black cat in the coal cellar at midnight

Zorgon – Az, as he prefers – has plenty of opportunity to reflect on this, as he watches the supposed Red Wizard in the next cell. It just looks like an old human to him, covered in tattoos. The town guards aren’t taking any chances, though, as the man is trussed up with shiny new runed handcuffs, which themselves are bolted to the wall.

Why did Az himself have to get caught? So annoying. Greed, that’s what it was. The desire to be carrying that big bag of stuff, and then he got in a hurry. Should have known the guards would round up a drow first. At least he hid the bag of his stolen goods in that barrel, and without evidence they’d have to let him go…right?

“Elf,” comes a gravelly voice in the half-darkness of the cells. It was the tattooed man, who was slumped against the wall in his cramped, bound way, not even looking at him. His mouth moves in the dark, and Az is pretty sure the guards out in the main room wouldn’t be able to hear it. “I smell the stink of magic on you. Why are you debasing yourself, letting them hold you here?”

Az shifts his body slightly so he is titled just enough to see the reflection of his speaker.. in low tone, calmly speaking as opens his mouth

And whom do I have the pleasure to be speaking with? Why are you so interested in my well being Mr? Is there something you would like from me?

Az moves from his corner and now in a standing position looking in the direction where he thinks the guards are.

Well, is there something you need from me?

Az attempts to notice anything out of the ordinary, particular for trickery for his hidden loot and or other ears such as a guard hiding behind an object to ease drop.

No one seems to be near; for the moment, they seem to be talking in private. However, there does seem to be some noise outside near the barrel where Az hid his stuff.

“My name is Arvik,” the tattooed man says, “and I have friends. Lots of friends. Are you thinking about getting out of here? Take me with you, and I’ll make it worth your while.”

Az ponders the words for a moment and then walks over to look out the window. While he is there, he examine’s the locking mechanism. He also looks for an easy way out that will not to alarm any guards.

Hmmm, he says, what kind of friends, and define worth my while, you have my undivided attention …..friend..

Arvik grins. It’s not a pleasant grin. “Help me out, and I’m sure you’ll see them. As far as ‘worth my while’, there’s plenty of gold and magic to be had in this town and the surrounding area. I know a lot of things that a practitioner could use. You’re not a mage, I’m guessing. What, a sorceror? A warlock? There’s one right in this town, though he keeps that fact a secret. I’m sure he could be approached as a patron.”

The window is barred, and doesn’t have a lock. There’s a thump outside, about where the barrel is where he hid his stuff. However, there is a lock on his cell, and it doesn’t look in the best shape. The guards in the next room aren’t paying any attention at all, it seems.

Az pats his inner thigh and discreetly pulls out his thieves tools that was tied to his leg. As he gives a small chuckle, guess they did not find these .. he pulls the small file and lock pick from the leather pouch. Lets see how hard these locks are, Az looks over to the tattooed man and whispers, keep and eye out for the guards will you?

Az attempts to pick the cell lock.

The cell door pops open as if greased. Az sees his things nearby, and the door just a little farther; with a little luck, he could just stroll out while the guards are busy.

“Excellent. Now unlock my door and get me out of these manacles,” the warlock says, exultant.

Az steps out from his cell, he turns to look over at the tattooed figure and then turns back and looks at his gear.

Just a sec, I will needs these items just encase I’m seen or heard, I will need these if … so, tell me again about your friends?

Az reaches for his gear quietly and then returns to the cell where the tattooed figure is held captive … let’s see if this one is as easy as mine was … Az spits on his lock pick as he lubricates the metal device, he slides inside the hole with precision carefully not to scrap the sides.

It’s enough; the lock opens up, and there’s a flash, both at the lock and on the bars to the Red Wizard’s cage.

“Ahh … there we go. I already had the manacles figured out.” The tattoos on the wizard’s forearms writhe and glow, and the manacles flare and break. The wizard stands. “Thanks.”

The explosion is loud and bright, and when the drow finally blinks the painful brightness away from his eyes, he’s laying on the floor in the ruined guard room, covered in soot and wood cinders. Part of the wall is blown away, and the wizard has all of the guards writhing in a nest of black tentacles that have grown out of the floor. Only a couple look like they’re still alive.

There’s a hue and cry outside, people running, and the sound of armored figures heading towards the building.

Az : Black cat in the coal cellar at midnight

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